Best Kids Ski Goggles – Top 3 Buyer’s Guide And Review

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Eye protection is a crucial element of skiing, especially for kids. As a caring parent, you will ensure that you get the best kids ski goggles for your young skiing enthusiasts before they face the slopes. There are numerous brands to choose from, each brand unique in its way. I will share some tips and actors to consider when selecting the best ski goggles for kids, as well as some of the bestselling brands on the market. This will make your selection process easier and better informed.

Choosing the best kids Snow Goggles

When shopping for the best kids ski goggles, these are some of the things to look out for:


The best ski kids snow goggles will be comfortable to wear, and not tiresome. Comfortable ski goggles will enhance the kid’s confidence on the slopes and also how they enjoy the experience.


Ski goggles for kids are designed to fit close to the face. This ensures steady protection when in motion and also enhances comfort. The best ski goggles for your kid will fit snugly, without causing strain to the eyes.

Lens Shape

The shape of the ski goggles lens could be either cylindrical or spherical. You will want to select a lens that will not catch light glares or interfere with your kid’s peripheral vision. The choice of lens shape will also be informed by personal preference.


Optimal vision is key to a great skiing experience. In this regard, select goggles that are least likely to get foggy and blur your kid’s vision. Spherical lens goggles are better in visibility due to the broader field of view offered and also clarity. There are also different tints and specifications for different weather conditions, and again, personal preference plays a role here.


Perhaps one of the most significant choice influencers in any purchase, the price of ski goggles for kids will determine which brand you select. Fortunately, there are many brands with different prices for you to choose from.

Top 3 Kids Goggles

1. Outdoor Masters Kid Ski Goggles

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One of the best-rated kids ski goggles on the market; the Outdoor Masters Kid ski goggles are an option every parent would want to consider for their kids. They come in different frame options and colorful lenses and will be compatible with any ski helmet. These goggles are suitable for kids six years and above.

Some of the features include:

  • The goggles provide excellent protection against UV 400 radiation. That’s a plus for protection!
  • The OTG design (Over The Glass) which makes it easily possible to wear the goggles over any glasses.
  • As an additional safety feature, the Outdoor Master kids ski goggles are designed with a soft frame to minimize the risk of injury during a fall or crash.

The goggles also come with a carrying pouch to ensure you do not scratch or damage the lens while not in use. What’s more, these goggles have one of the most competitive prices! The ski goggles for kids also have many good reviews that you might want to read before making up your mind.

2. AKASO Snow Goggles for Kids, Youth, and Teenagers

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For those parents looking to buy goggles for their teenage kids, the Akaso Snow Goggles are a great option. Rated among the best ski goggles for youth, these come loaded with great features that will make the ski experience for your kid unforgettable.

Designed to fit almost any face size, from 3-year-olds to teenagers and even small faced young adults, some of the most outstanding features of the Akaso ski goggles include:

  • A double layer lens design, coupled with a high performance hydrophilic inner coating that helps minimize chances of fogging.
  • Venting openings at the top of the frame to help keep your skin fresh and also release moisture to prevent further fogging.
  • Mirror coated spherical lens for excellent, distortion-free peripheral view and protection against glare.
  • A triple layer of foam that keeps your skin dry and add to your comfort.
  • The frame is durable and flexible, minimizing the risk of injury in case of a crash or accident.

These goggles are also reasonably priced, and you will not have to pay an arm for a quality experience. The fact that their design fits sizes across a wide age bracket also adds to their appeal. The positive reviews are numerous, and there is also a hint or two about caring for these glasses.

3. Gonex Kids Ski Goggles

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If you are looking for pocket-friendly, yet amazing ski goggles for your kid, then you may want to check these out. With a wide variety of cool colors, the Gonex kids’ ski goggles are packed with great features that will undoubtedly prove them worth more than they seem. These include:

  • A sturdy yet safe TPU frame. This protects your kid’s eyes in case of an impact to the lens.
  • The elastic band allows for easy adjustment and a comfortable fit.
  • Ventilation openings to prevent fogging. This also improves visibility.
  • The three layers of foam around the frame add to the comfort and safety of the wearer. The spherical lens also offers protection from UV 400 radiation.

The Gonex goggles are ranked among the best kids ski goggles and have a lot of positive feedback from users. They are also very affordable, and the wide selection of colors adds to their appeal. For more information on these glasses, please follow this link.

As much as selecting the best ski goggles for your kids may seem a daunting task; this guide will help you make an informed choice.

For more information check out the video below showing some of the best ski goggles for kids, and the features to look for when buying.

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