Best Walkie Talkie for Skiing Reviews: Never Lose Contact Again

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If you’ve ever been skiing with friends or family, then you know how much of a hassle it is to get in touch with someone else in your party. Someone’s in the lodge, someone’s on the lift, and someone else is on the slopes. What’s the best way to stay connected? This is where walkie talkies come in. 

We’ve scoured walkie talkie for skiing reviews to find you the best ski walkie talkies. The number one walkie talkie on our list is the Dewalt DXFRS300, but let’s take a look at the rest.

In A Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks…

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Dewalt DXFRS300Shock Resistant, Our Top Pick
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Cobra ACXT645Adventure Preparedness
Walkie Talkie For Skiing Reviews 12Walkie Talkie For Skiing Reviews 14
Midland GXT1000VP4 Designed For Snow
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Motorola MR350ORGreat Range

Buyer’s Guide for Ski Walkie Talkies

Two-way radios are key when you’re out on the mountain. They allow anyone to stay in touch, even when mobile connection isn’t too great. The best ski walkie talkies are lightweight, compact, and rugged. They’re designed to last during even your most epic winter adventures.

Here are some features to look out for when reading walkie talkie for skiing reviews:

Weight and Size

When you’re on the slopes, you’ll want a lightweight two-way radio. Something that’s bulky will just end up getting in the way. An ergonomic shape will help you use the walkie talkies even with gloves. 

Two-way Radio Channels

Most walkie talkies that you’ll see on the market will have 22 channels available. They’ll use either the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) band or Family Radio Service (FRS) band. 

Privacy/Interference-Eliminator Codes

When you’re at a busy ski resort, 22 channels will quickly become occupied. If you have two-way radios that offer a coding system, you can use a busy main channel but have privacy codes to minimize interference. 

Wattage and Coverage Range

A lot of radios will boast a range up to 25 miles in the best conditions. When put to the test, however, many radios will only work optimally in ranges around 2 miles or less. Higher-powered radios (1- or 2-watt models) will work better with coverage dropouts. For example, if there are hills or buildings in the way, the extra power will help to improve signal quality. A downside of higher-watt walkie talkies is that they use more battery power and tend to be pricier.

When you’re skiing, a range of at least 5-6 miles is recommended. Although you and your fellow skiers will rarely be further than a mile or two away, it’s good to have additional range in the case of emergencies. 

Battery Life

Walkie talkies are generally preferred over mobile phones because of their long battery life. A decent two-way radio will last up to 8 hours on average. When choosing walkie talkies for your needs, consider that weather scans and built in flashlights will reduce battery life. 

4 Best Ski Walkie Talkies

1. Dewalt DXFRS300 – Shock Resistant, Our Top Pick

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One of the stand out features for these walkie talkies from Dewalt is damage resistance abilities. The walkie talkies can not only withstand a 2-meter drop but are also dustproof and waterproof. They can be immersed in water for 30-minutes and still help you stay in touch. 

Pros Cons
  • Range up to 250,000 square feet (20 floors)
  • 2,662 channel combinations
  • 22 preset channels
  • Privacy codes to minimize interference
  • 360 degree swivel holster
  • Voice activated transmission
  • 8-12 hours of battery life
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Price
  • Antenna housings are prone to damage
  • Range might not be as good as reported
  • Mediocre sound quality

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2. Cobra ACXT645 – Adventure Preparedness

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Cobra electronics helps you prepare for any adventure. With a built-in NOAA radio receiver, you’ll be the first to know about snowstorms. Waterproof specs and a built in flashlight will help you be ready for any day on the slopes. 

Pros Cons
  • Range up to 35 miles
  • 3124 channel combinations
  • 10 NOAA weather channels – built in receiver
  • IPX4/JIS4 waterproof standards
  • Voice-activated transmission for hands-free use
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Not as water resistant as advertised
  • Low microphone volume
  • Poor reception, especially in wooded areas
  • Extra sensitive buttons

Click here for customer reviews.

3. Midland GXT1000VP4 – Designed for Snow

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The best thing about this Midland pair of walkie talkies is the water-resistant finish, allowing them to work well even after splashes or rainfall drips. Users are a big fan of these walkie talkies because they’re easy to use, durable, have good volume, great battery life, and a decent price.

Pros Cons
  • 50 GMRS channels (channel scan to check for private channels)
  • JIS4 waterproof protection
  • 36 mile range
  • Clear speakers, little crackle
  • Voice and sound activation transmission (eVOX) for hands-free operation
  • Privacy codes
  • NOAA weather scan and option for alerts
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • No flashlight
  • 12 hour charge time

Click here for customer reviews.

4. Motorola MR350OR – Great Range

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If you’re looking for a big range, these two-way radios from Motorola are for you. They feature 22 channels with up to 35 mile range. Users love that they’re FRS (Family Radio Service) approved and that they’re easy to use.

Pros Cons
  • VibraCall vibration alert
  • 20 varied call tones
  • 11 weather channels with option for alerts
  • Option for hands-free communication
  • Extra large buttons allow for functionality even with gloves on
  • Lightweight and ergonomic hold
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Range may not be as good as expected
  • Doesn’t handle damage (drops, water) very well
  • Poor sound quality
  • Plastic clip is easily broken
  • Price

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Final Words

Walkie talkies for skiing are the most reliable and easiest way to stay connected while on the mountain. Instead of racking up high data costs or running into poor reception, skiers are able to stay in constant communication with their friends and family members. Not only that, but walkie talkies are essential in case of emergencies. After looking at best walkie talkie for skiing reviews, we’ve decided that our top pick is Dewalt DXFRS300 for their range, battery life, and resistant to damage. Good luck choosing the best walkie talkie for your skiing needs!


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