Do You Wear A Hat Under A Ski Helmet? 5 Best Ways To Do So

Do you wear a hat under a ski helmet

For considerations of comfort and warmth, you may be asking all of your snow-bunny friends, “do you wear a hat under a ski helmet?” Well, the quick and easy answer here is no. So does that mean that you’ll never wear a hat under a ski helmet? Not exactly. 

There are some important considerations to make before leaving that beanie behind on your next ski trip. Some skiers recommend a thin hat, some just prefer a ski jacket with a hood. We’ll take a look at everything you should consider when it comes to wearing a hat under a ski helmet. 

Perfectly fitting helmet

The purpose of a helmet is to keep your head safe and protected from potential impact. Normally, you choose a helmet based on how it fits your head. When you add an additional layer in the form of a hat, you compromise the perfect fit of the helmet. 

Helmets are tasked with preventing you from injury. They can even help prevent serious accidents and fatal injuries. That said, it’s crucial that you do everything in your power to keep your helmet fitting as snugly as possible. 

Do You Wear A Hat Under A Ski Helmet

Designed to keep you warm

Helmets are designed with your comfort and warmth in mind. Not only do they protect you, but they’re designed to insulate you from the cold weather. They’re insulated to keep you nice and toasty. In fact, they’re generally much warmer than hats are! Not only that, but your helmet won’t be itchy, is waterproof, doesn’t blow off in strong wind, and has vents to adjust for different temperatures. 

Helmet + Hat

If you’ve decided that a hat is absolutely necessary for your next skiing adventure, make sure that you properly pair it with your helmet. Most times, skiers who wear both a hat and a helmet, tend to have their helmet resting too far back. This not only exposes their forehead, but it also prevents the helmet from protecting the front of your head. If you wear both a helmet and a hat, make sure that there’s still just a thin gap between them and your goggles so that your whole head is protected. 

Do you wear a hat under a ski helmet?

Perhaps you always get too cold. Maybe you want to keep up with the latest ski fashion trends. Regardless of what your reasons are, if you’re 100% sold on wearing a hat consider how you can do so while still staying safe. It’s crucial that your helmet still fits properly. 

1. Skull liner

A skull liner or helmet liner will provide some added insulation but is also designed to fit snugly between your head and the helmet. Many of them are thin and silky. They’ll still provide that added layer of thermal protection from the winter elements without compromising the important fit of your helmet. 

2. Balaclava

If you’re looking for a lot of added warmth, a balaclava might be the best option for you. These masks are snug and breathable. They cover almost every portion of your face and their stretchy material stays comfortable throughout the day. They’re lightweight and thin, which means that they minimally change the way your helmet fits around your head. 

Some of them are backed with fleece, and tend to be a little thicker. If you decide to go with one of these, make sure to consider your helmet. Does it still fit as properly as it should? If you find that the helmet has moved too far back on your head, either swap out the balaclava for a thinner one or decide to go without. When it comes down to it, safety is paramount over comfort. 

3. Buff

To keep you warmer without adding anything under your helmet, why not consider a buff? These are designed to be worn in various ways. They can be used on the head, the neck, or even to cover your wrists. They’re breathable and lightweight, and thin enough that they can be tucked in underneath the base of your helmet if need be. Some of them can even be pulled up over your ears to keep your face and neck nice and warm. 

4. Hooded ski jacket

Some skiers let the hoods from their jacket do all the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping their heads warm. Some jackets are actually compatible with helmets so that you can rest assured that the helmet will still fit snugly. Not only that, but your head and neck will stay warm. 

girl skiing

5. Beanies

While most people would steer clear of wearing a beanie under a ski helmet, some people see no issues with it. Many skiers remove some of the padding of the helmet when they wear a beanie, that way the helmet still has a snug fit. Some people enjoy that the helmet has an even tighter fit after adding a beanie layer. If you decide to wear a beanie, get one that fits snugly on your head. Avoid slouch beanies or anything that will move around on your head a lot during the day.

If you’re just trying to look “cool” by wearing a beanie under your ski helmet, you could end up seriously injuring yourself. Only wear a thick hat under a helmet if it’s absolutely necessary.  Do you wear a beanie under a ski helmet? Let us know in the comments below!

Final considerations

So, do you wear a hat under a ski helmet? In many ways, the jury is still out on what to wear under ski helmets. It’s important to realize that helmets are designed to keep you warm. If you have a helmet that fits properly, it’ll most likely be all the warmth you need. Helmets are also specifically designed to protect you from impact or sharp objects. If you have a hat underneath that changes the way the helmet fits, you could be putting yourself at risk for injury.

So if you do decide to wear a hat underneath your ski helmet, make sure that it doesn’t impact how the helmet fits. If you want to benefit from all the safety the helmet has to offer, leave the beanie behind.


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