“What Do I Need to Go Skiing?” We Have All the Answers in Here!

what do i need to go skiing

If you’re a beginner at skiing, then welcome to the club! Skiing is a great winter activity that will keep you fit and it’s a lot of fun. You may be asking: “What do I need to go skiing?” We’re glad you asked. Here is the list of gear needed for skiing, so that you’ll be perfectly prepared to enjoy the slopes!

What Do I Need to Go Skiing?: Gear Needed for Skiing

What ski gear do i need? Several vital pieces, but don’t be overwhelmed. You can rent some of the gear needed for skiing from the resort, but not all. We will let you know what you can rent versus what you should purchase. So, what do you need to go skiing? Keep reading for more details!

Skis, Poles, and Bindings

What gear do you need for skiing? First, you’ll need skis of course! But, you’ll also need to keep your balance on those slopes, so poles and bindings are also essential. As a first-timer, you may not own your skis. You can rent skis from the resort that you’ll visit. The employees are often experts on what you need for skiing. They will set you up with the appropriate skis and poles for beginners. You won’t know how tight your ski bindings should be, so they’ll also help you with the correct settings to fit your skiing ability and body size.

Ski Boots

Your ski boots are next on the list of the gear that you need for skiing. While boots are available for rental at the ski resort, we don’t recommend that you rent them. Ski boots are designed to fit your feet, so that they are snug, but not too tight. Therefore, rental options are likely to be uncomfortable. Purchasing your boots is best – even as a beginner. You’re likely to have a better skiing experience with well-fitting boots.

Ski Helmet

what do i need to go skiing

Safety first! You should never go skiing without a helmet because you want to protect your head in the event of any collisions or falls. The ski resort will have a variety of helmets for rental, so you will likely find your fit. However, since it’s going to be so close to your face for a long time, you may want to invest in purchasing a helmet. Not only will it be more hygienic, it will also be the perfect fit for you.

Ski Goggles

As the winter sun reflects off the white snow, it results in an intense glare. So, wearing goggles will not only improve your vision, but it will protect your eyes from the glare. There could be snowfall and high winds, and so the googles will also be great to keep the snow out of your eyes. It’s best to purchase your goggles to fit your helmet to ensure your maximum comfort.

Ski Jacket and Ski Pants

We’re going down the list. What do you need to go skiing? Ski jacket and ski pants. You need to wear clothing that’s insulated as well as wind- and water-resistant to keep you warm all day long. You will be exposed to extreme weather fluctuations when you’re out on the ski slopes, so it can get wet without warning. Wearing weather-resistant clothes will keep you dry and comfortable regardless of the external conditions. The last thing you want is to be cold when you’re out skiing, so make sure that you’re wearing a ski jacket and ski pants.

Layer Up: Base and Mid Layers

What do you need for skiing? You’ll need layers – multiple layers. While you need a ski jacket and pants, layers are an essential component to remain comfortable while skiing in the cold. For your base layers, we recommend that you avoid cotton products as they’re not breathable or waterproof. We find that synthetic material or wool is ideal. If it’s going to be very cold, then you should also add a mid-layer over the base. A sweater or similar clothing will help keep you warm as you ski.

Neck Protection

You’ll need to fill in that gap between your ski jacket and helmet. A neck warmer or a scarf will do the job of keeping the cold air out. It will also protect your neck from the cold feel of your jacket’s metal zip. You can opt for a snood or a balaclava to give your neck and head some extra protection from the cold. We recommend that you choose a soft fleece, Merino wool or a breathable fabric for these pieces of neck protection.

Ski Gloves or Mittens

what do i need to go skiing

“What do I need for skiing?” Gloves! Please, never go skiing without your gloves or a pair of mittens. Your hands will encounter snow throughout the day, so your gloves or mittens should also be insulated and waterproof. Make sure that they are a good fit because you’ll need sufficient dexterity to grasp your ski poles.

Ski Socks

Ski socks are among the gear needed for skiing that can be easily overlooked. However, you need to pay careful attention to your ski socks because you’ll also need to keep your feet warm and dry. You should carry at least two pairs of socks because you may need the second pair. Your ski socks should be made from wool or synthetic materials for the best results.


what do i need to go skiing

“What ski gear do I need?” Yet another answer is sunscreen! Yes, sunscreen. Even in winter, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can still cause damage to your skin. We recommend buying a small tube of SPF30 or SPF50 for your face before leaving home, as it’s probably a lot more expensive at the resort.


“What gear do you need for skiing?” A handy-dandy backpack filled with all the things you’ll need on the slopes. You can pack water, energy bars, and even a sandwich to cut down on your food expenses. Resorts don’t typically have decent food or prices. A backpack is also good to store extra layers, a medical kit, sunscreen, and lip protection.

Winter Sports Insurance

If you have personal insurance, check to see if it covers winter sports. If not, then avoid the tour operator’s insurance, as it can be expensive. It’s better to check specialist brokers to get your winter sports coverage.

What Do You Need for Skiing? Now You Know!

Now you have a better idea about what you need for skiing. Do you have questions other than “What do I need to go skiing?” Then please feel free to read more of our articles in our blog. We invite you to check out this video for more details on what you need for skiing:

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